The Isaac C. Lewis Cottage in Branford, Connecticut is a splendidly preserved illustration of a Victorian seaside dwelling developed in 1882 combining wealthy embellishments of architectural woodworking drawn from Gothic Revival, Second Empire, Eastlake and Stick architectural styles. The joyous and eclectic mix of style factors in this 2 1/2-story wooden-frame residence with its crowning tower, ballooning rooflines and airy porches presenting high-quality views of the Extended Island Sound was the seaside cottage of 1 of Connecticut’s wealthiest industrialists.

Isaac Chauncey Lewis was a native of Meriden, Connecticut the place he figured out as a 15 calendar year aged apprentice the generation of tableware manufactured from Britannia – a pewter-like alloy that was hand fashioned into plates, bowls and other house solutions in the 19th century.

He set up his personal Britannia manufacturing unit in 1841. By 1852 Lewis merged with other tableware makers forming the Meriden Britannia Organization of which he was president. Lewis was a leader in the mechanization of the manufacture of tableware from a little-store creation to a significant-scale industrial setting making use of steam powered presses to stamp out the solutions. The market grew through the latter fifty percent of the 19th century and gave Meriden its nickname as “The Silver Town.”

Lewis was also lively as a philanthropist and a politician. He served as a point out agent from Meriden for eighteen several years, and starting in 1870 served three phrases as mayor. Lewis was also president of a neighborhood lender and when he died in 1893, his estate was valued as exceeding two million bucks.

The architect of the Isaac C Lewis Cottage was Henry Martin Jones who experienced intended Victorian residences in the tradition of the carpenter-architect for quite a few of Meriden’s rich elite. Victorian architectural tastes had been also pushed in section by the mechanization of the setting up trade with steam electrical power in the later on component of the 19th century that enabled carpenters to make dense decorative woodwork.

The Isaac C Lewis Cottage is a common illustration of Victorian layout that loaded every single floor, edge and boundary with some variety of ornamental floor. The shop of A. Merriam and Company in Meriden was used which advertised “Scroll and Fancy Sawing, Planing, Turning, &c., Executed with Neatness and Dispatch” to produce the elaborate architectural woodwork that provides the cottage this kind of a strikingly distinct and ornate character.

Sawn, turned and shaped woodwork had just turn out to be much more commonly obtainable with steam-driven setting up in the last 19th century and the cottage with its brackets, bargeboard and scalloped shingles displays a loaded array of the best woodworking skills of the day. Fish-scale shingles beautify the entrance gables, with a pair of admirer or sunburst ornaments gracing the very first and second stories of the front wing.

Almost all exterior surfaces are the primary woodwork creating it just one of New England’s best preserved illustrations of a Victorian Seaside cottage. The Isaac C Lewis Cottage is positioned at 255 Thimble Islands Street in the Stony Brook area of Branford. It was extra to the Nationwide Sign up of Historic Locations in 1997 generating it a person of Branford, Connecticut’s most essential historic households.

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