“The Quest of Remaining a Lady” of Kerima Polotan Tuvera’s The Virgin is a ideal title that reveals the very same meaning of what feminist criticism is all about. Feminist approach defines the revelation of woman’s authentic dreams and struggles in the modern society. It aims to expose the patriarchal premises ensuing to the prejudices and discovery of the story or any form of literary piece working with character assessment. This paper would give the viewers a clearer look at on how does feminist criticism applies its attributes to a very well-recognised shorter tale termed The Virgin.

Author’s track record and encapsulation of the tale

Kerima Polotan Tuvera was a renowned Filipino author. Her works acquired some of the optimum literary recognitions in the Philippines, with her limited story ‘The Virgin’ remaining 1 of her most noteworthy literary items. The word “virgin” that she talked about in her story indicates somebody who is pure and unstained. As dictated by the modern society, in purchase to acquire respect and dignity, a female need to be pure and virgin since it is reported that a woman’s virginity is equated to her dignity. The culture dictates that female will have to protect her virginity right until she gets married, like what Overlook Mijares did to herself. She was not in a position to state her emotions to males mainly because she experienced to safeguard her virginity/dignity. Therefore, the story provides Miss Mijares’ struggles prompted by the social dictates on her individuality that hindered her to come across her own identity as a man or woman and as a female by means of the feminist kind of viewpoint.

Discussion (software of the feminist solution)

Pass up Mijares, the main character of the quick tale titled The Virgin, as a author and as a girl disclosed her dreams via her metaphors and symbols in her crafting. Regardless of her being a liable daughter of her household, she also wished to be cherished by other folks, especially, she has generally been dreaming to have a gentleman in her existence. But her responsibilities as a daughter and as a member of the society hindered her in satisfying her desires. The pursuing lines show her want to have a person:

“But neither appreciate nor glory stood guiding her, only the lurking, vacant shadows, and 9 many years absent, 9 many years. In the area of her unburied useless, she held up her arms to the light, noting the thick, resilient fingers, wondering in a mixture of shame and bitterness and guilt that they experienced in no way touched a male.”

There was also just one scenario in the tale that demonstrates her passionate inner thoughts when she felt offended to come across out that the carpenter has a son and imagined that he was married. But after the carpenter admitted that he is not married with his son’s mom, she felt relieved. After that party, it out of the blue rained and the ambiance turned unhappy. The scenario reveals the thoughts of Skip Mijares about the carpenter. It was illustrated that she was emotionally affected with the carpenter’s revelations. With the rain and the weather as a metaphor to her feelings it proves her hidden thoughts with the man.

There was also a symbolic revelation about her need of getting beloved. The paperweight which was shaped by the carpenter into a dove symbolizes intercourse for it flies. The carpenter available it to her, which displays that the carpenter was providing one thing to Miss out on Mijares. The fact that Miss Mijares laughed about it shows that she likes the provide. Consequently, it confirms that Overlook Mijares is captivated to the carpenter as implied by her acceptance and fondness with the traveling item that symbolizes the like building in the psycholoanalytic solution.

All of Pass up Mijares’ life was used in carrying out her duties like finishing college, sending her niece to college, and taking treatment of her mother. That was her obligation as a lady, to unconditionally nurture her loved ones. This job that was dictated by the society and potentially her very own family formed her to be a female for other folks and not a female with her personal self. The society dictates that women ought to safeguard their virginity that is equated to their dignity which Miss out on Mijares respectfully acknowledged. Pass up Mijares was portrayed not only as a lady who required to go past her roles but also as a girl who wished to create her possess everyday living.

Moreover, Tuvera displays the interior struggle of a girl in the tale. Miss Mijares’ wrestle to adhere to the societal anticipations of a girl and to disguise her individual self was uncovered and reiterated. Her battle was symbolically proven by her come across with unfamiliar sites and the jeepney’s diversion. It symbolizes her personal misplaced mainly because she simply cannot be herself and she has to be a girl that the culture dictates her to be.

In the society, ladies are the kinds accountable of using care of the persons in the family members. This was the situation of Overlook Mijares, when she was the only one particular remaining to choose care of her unwell and aged mom. She did all the obligation that she forgot her have lifestyle. Miss Mijares in the story can be characterized as the outdated maid. At an age of 34, she hasn’t continue to contact a person. Her description in the story and her life really suits her as the aged maid archetype who is however untouched.

The a few levels of women’s heritage, feminine stage, feminist phase, and feminine can be identifiable to Miss out on Mijares’ life. The female stage according to Showalter’s idea is the stage that includes imitation of the prevailing modes of the dominant custom and internalization of its standards. In truth, Pass up Mijares at the very beginning has gone through this stage whereby she will allow the dictates of the society to rule her lifestyle. She responsibly took care of her mom and she experienced safeguarded her virginity for a prolonged time. Even so, as the story evolves, her character has been slowly and gradually evolving that she presently methods the feminist phase. The feminist phase can be explained as a phase involving protest towards the minority legal rights.

Miss Mijares failed to protest explicitly or politically but there is an interior protest in just her. Her ordeals of becoming shed and the rainy times symbolize her inner protest that she has to go further than what is anticipated to her. This symbolic protest in fact produced confusion inside her, simply because she is torn among the social dictates and her have self. The last phase was which is the feminine stage can be described as the section of self-discovery, a look for for id. The final section of the shorter story exhibits that Pass up Mijares has gone through the feminine phase. The proceeding lines really imply that she was freed from the societal roles being dictated around her:

“In her top secret coronary heart, Miss out on Mijares’ young desires fluttered faintly to lifestyle, seeming monstrous in the rain, near this male – seeming monstrous but also sweet and too much to handle. I ought to get away, she considered wildly, but he had moved and brushed in opposition to her, and where his touch had fallen, her flesh leaped, and she recalled how his hands experienced seemed that 1st day, lain tenderly at the edge of her desk and about the wooden chicken (that experienced appeared like a moving, shining, dove) and she turned to him: with her ruffles wet and wilted, in the dark she turned to him.”

The last paragraph proves that in her coronary heart, she has long gone by the protesting phase and now, she’s equipped to specific her individual self, her individual thoughts, and her possess dreams. It demonstrates that she is now capable of heading further than her social roles as she reveals that she is prepared to surrender her virginity. Her virginity is in truth a symbol of dignity on the other hand, it is element of the woman’s goal is to have a person who will be capable to consume that lengthy preserved virginity.


The limited tale depicts the achievements of female in overcoming the men’s stereotypical earth. The primary character was in a position to defy the dictates of the modern society and was able to create her own self in the quest of getting a female.

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