The Milwaukee 6955-20 is a 12-inch twin bevel miter observed that claims electrical power and precision. The 15-Amp, 3.3-Max horsepower direct generate motor is incredibly ground breaking. It has a new continuous electrical power technology that guarantees regular speed less than load. No make any difference no matter whether you have no load or are in the center of loaded chopping, the motor will operate at 3,250 RPM. This element is terrific because it makes sure a rapidly and best lower, specially when working with hardwood components these kinds of as lumber.

The Milwaukee 6955-20 has a delicate start that provides the carpenter the ability to sneak up on the materials he is cutting so that no injury is done. Nonetheless, the comfortable start would not imply the blade takes for good to speed up. Within two seconds, the blade will be operating at top rated speed.

A person of the very best issues about the Milwaukee 6955-20 is the Electronic Miter Angle with Fine Change and Detent Override. This finishes the questionable accuracy for the reason that you are capable to dial in just what you want the miter angle to be. The electronic readout guarantees accuracy up to .1 degree, which is very respectable. With this good function, you can simply change when performing in a non-sq. ecosystem. The high-quality modify, which has a self-zeroing method that is effective on the complete miter range, indicates that you can run the saw with just 1 hand creating the fantastic regulate and the other on the material, which is a big time-saver.

All in all, there are 9 constructive bevel stops that permit the saw to bevel left and appropriate up to 48 degrees, for a large variety of cutting capability. The oversized one lever would make these bevel adjustments extremely uncomplicated.

The characteristics on the Milwaukee 6955-20 are what helps make it really amazing. There are twin integral jobsite lights that totally light up the materials you are doing the job with and the minimize line from both side of the blade. This indicates that the carpenter can far more quickly see the blade getting into the materials, which will make for even much more precision. In addition, you would not have to purchase and established up individual lights, which will save revenue.

In order to minimize back again on the amount of money of dust, the Milwaukee 6955-20 has an integral dust channel to capture 75% of the dust and debris by capturing dust in the vicinity of the slice on every side of the blade and sending it to the back again of the noticed. It then goes as a result of the back again elbow into the waste container mainly because of this improved airflow. This program is at the moment identified as the ideal dust assortment in the full business.

All things deemed, the Milwaukee 6955-20 is a magnificent noticed with something for absolutely everyone. Irrespective of whether your major problem is electric power, ease of use, or precision, this observed has it all. I would absolutely recommend examining it out.

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