My title is Jay W. Nelmes, I was born in Petropolis Brazil in 1965. Though I did not reside there lengthy, I bear in mind sufficient of this wonderful nation that it has constantly intrigued me. My older brother John Charles is 16 a long time more mature than I am, so he had the prospect to investigate the jungle quite typically and collect Butterflies as very well as a broad array of other bugs which he mounted in glass frame circumstances. His selection was intriguing and influenced me into the environment of entomology.

With my try to imitate my brothers get the job done, it was to no avail. His strategies with the use of steam to open up up there wings, and other solutions to preserving them was a thing I by no means figured out. We equally departed when he had long gone to England while I moved to the United States in 1970 at yrs. of age.

In the course of my afterwards childhood I nevertheless gathered insects with the endeavor to imitate my brother but hardly ever attained the capacity to do so. I then turned attracted to the Reptile & Amphibian Entire world due to the fact this began to intrigue me.

I began to develop my first primitive cages for my to start with lizards which ended up anoles at age 14. The reptile environment at that time was not prevalent. So obtaining any at a pet retail outlet was not really readily available. The fish and chicken world normally appeared to be obtainable, but not the reptile globe, which produced it all the additional attention-grabbing to have and understand about.

More than the many years I acquired drafting, carpentry and electrical. I bought married to my wife Tinamarie, and it was on our honeymoon wherever I discovered she beloved these varieties of animals when we brought home an Iguana on the teach again dwelling in CT in a Styrofoam cooler.

My spouse grew to become sick for various years shortly following our marriage. This is when I have focused my competencies as a craftsman in fabricating decorative cages. for the reptile earth because almost everything was focused on Birds & Fish. There seemed to be a desire for acceptable housing for Reptiles so my mission was to channel my energies in direction of this field.

This authorized me to be residence to treatment for her. I am satisfied to say she is executing well and has been my assistant now for over 25 a long time. We have traveled to above 36 states now delivering these enclosures for Household, Museums & Universities even celebrities.

Every of these enclosures are hand crafted and created exclusively for the animal’s requirements. These enclosures are specially suited for housing reptiles because I have created these so they can contain massive swimming pools of water. Most of these enclosures are ordinarily individually shipped and set up by me including interior settings as a comprehensive procedure.

And greatest of all, the upkeep is swift because it comes outfitted with an easy rinse & flush technique.

Given that 1997 we have been setting up and offering these cages location them up all above the United states.

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