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Professional bespoke joiners offering quality craftsmanship

We’re a Northamptonshire-based joinery company, but we serve Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire as well.

The designers and joiners at Deer Park Joinery are among the best in the business.

We’re enthusiastic about what we do and strive to provide a professional and personalized service to all our clients. Find Out More

What to expect (the process)

Check to make sure the project stays on track; improve collaboration and reduce the likelihood of mistakes, rework, and misunderstandings.

Keep track of every little thing in one place so you can fix it quicker. Maintain jobs on the right track by avoiding costly rework.

Ascertain that the project does not differ the original plan; improve cooperation and reduce errors, rework, and miscommunication.

Track everything in one area so you can fix it much faster. Maintain tasks on course by avoiding pricey rework.

Create repeatable, easy-to-adopt safety programs as well as encourage everybody to take duty for the security of the building site.

Figure out what’s driving the expenses by integrating job monitoring and field implementation information with cost activities.

Personal touch


Deer Park Joinery has an in-house design team that can take any project from conception to completion, whether it's heritage-listed joinery or contemporary made-to-measure cabinetry for an entire house. Deer Park Joinery frequently takes the vision of an architect, interior designer, or client and brings it to life through technical know-how and superb craftsmanship.

Expert Craftsmanship

With years of experience in joinery, the team at Deer Park Joinery brings expertise and skill to every project. Have you ever been told that a joinery project you're working on is unachievable? Please speak with one of our talented joiners who thrive on a challenge. We'll collaborate closely with you to develop a custom joinery solution that perfectly meets your project needs.


Wood is a renewable commodity, and we only use hardwoods and softwoods from responsibly managed forests. Wood products also act as a carbon sink, helping to keep the atmosphere as carbon dioxide-free as possible. Additionally, because processing wood uses far less energy, wood products have a lower carbon footprint.

Traditional Joinery

Traditional joinery methods are upheld at Deer Park Joinery, where bespoke pieces of exceptional quality are produced. Our skilled craftspeople are well-versed in traditional joinery techniques. We ensure that these skills are passed down to future generations by creating exquisite, handcrafted goods and training apprentices.

Time frames and budgets

Time frame

working with you and our team means that with regular communications we bring every project in on time


When you choose Deerpark Joinery you choose a premium service, for a unique craftmanship that you cannot get anywhere else - we build what you can imagine!


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality handcrafted joinery and personal service, at the best possible quality and value

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